About Us

Exclusivity Makes the Difference
What sets Ads by Video apart from other agencies is the exclusivity that we offer to our client. How would you like to be the only business in your area that is promoted using our secret marketing strategies? How powerful of an edge do you think that would give you to be able to dominate your competition? When you have someone on your team that is working to ensure your success over the others in your area, you will be the one benefiting from the rewards. Our expertise has shown us that by working with one client individually in a business category, we are able to establish results that cannot be touched by average print advertising, yellow pages, or other common broadcast media marketing.
Our Policy
While other advertising agencies accept multiple clients from the same business category, we do not. We develop a business game plan that is customized to your business and gives you an edge over the competitors in your field making you the one attracting the business prospects through your doors, not theirs. Our service offers advanced targeting to your specified audience whether it is the local market you are trying to dominate or a much larger scale. With our specialized method of advanced targeting, we can focus on providing coverage for your business to an enormous market in several various areas. From media marketing to podcast placements, we aim to provide maximum coverage to the audience that suits your needs best.
Results That Work
Our service has provided many businesses with first page Google results, how much of an advantage do you think you would gain over your competition if you were dominating the first page of Google and they weren’t? It would be pretty powerful, the added benefit of video marketing to over 80 different high profile sites like Google, Yahoo, Twitter, and a swarm of others makes the service we offer our clients a package that can’t be turned down. If we are not promoting you with this advanced technology of advertising, we are likely to be one day promoting your competition, can you afford that? We are in a new age, the print advertising that worked before is on a steady decline as younger audiences are becoming more in tune to the Internet and Social Media Networking for their information and communicating needs. Those that are embracing those new ideas and trends are the businesses that are advancing forward while the others are steadily slipping behind as their clientele disappears.
Don’t Make This Mistake
The business that does not take advantage of this opportunity at the time when it is starting to emerge, will be left behind while the others succeed. Market research has shown how more and more customers prefer online results to those methods of yesterday a.k.a the phone book. If your strategy is to buy bigger ads in the phone book in hopes of attracting more attention to your business, you may as well be throwing money away. it is a dying industry as the human generation that grew up and relied on that form of information grows older beyond the point they find they no longer need it. Even today, more and more of today’s senior citizens are embracing technology and using cellphones and other mobile data devices to find their information more readily available. Businesses that grow are using Ads by Video.
But,…Above All Else
The above statements are all factual and true, their is no dispute to that. However, when it comes down to it if you managed to make it through this whole page of content researching our company, the bottom line is as the company owner, I want to help you get to where you want to be. Your goal and intention is to bring the public’s attention to your self, your business, your product, your event, or whichever your path may be. I would love for us to help you get it by doing what we know best.  We could put a bunch more information in front of you here, much of which you likely may have already seen or heard from elsewhere or would likely even make little sense to you. Either way because this is our field of work and what we do as a professional company, that is why you are looking for someone like us. I demand nothing but the best from my team’s performance. Give us a try and see how Ads by Video can help you bring your recognition to the people you are most trying to attract.


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